Criticism of prosecutor


What is going on in our county courthouse is scary. It would seem that Mr Strom is only out to help criminals, and not the victims. Mr Strom has an appeal in process to help the parents of the little girls from Rapid River. That is right, Mr Strom is helping the parents instead of prosecuting them. The parents should have been charged with first degree child abuse, and instead Mr Strom is representing them by appealing the case. Mr Strom is wasting our taxpayers money. Mr Strom is not doing his job, to say the least. How can Mr Strom defend the parents instead of these two helpless children? How many other children in our county are suffering because Mr Strom is not prosecuting parents like these? If our children do not get protection from abusive parents, what chance do they have?

These two little girls from Rapid River needed our protection, and because of Judge Goebel, they got it. Now Mr Strom wants to take it away, and put them back in jeopardy. Maybe we need a different district attorney, one that will do his job. Mr Strom has no respect for our court system and should not be there in our courthouse. We need to do something Delta County.

Julie Hoffmeyer

Bark River