Better healthcare needed


I want to talk about insurance companies in general, and I mean “all” kinds.

The medical insurance’s are taking advantage of the sick and dying people of our community. I’ve had so many experiences with the money hungry mongrels, I wouldn’t have enough space to write it down.

My mother has fourth stage cancer and went to Mayo Clinic, which is supposed to be one of the best hospitals in the nation. Yet she was there only three days before they told her it was time to go because “her insurance” wouldn’t cover any more. So, now, she’s going to doctors that are not exactly first class, because she “has” to.

In European countries, healthcare and education are free. Why? Because they believe it’s our God-given right to have healthcare to “live” and education because people give back to the community if they are well-educated.

Shouldn’t it be our god-given rights to be alive and educated?

Trixy Kossow