Support for coach


You just fired Ken Hofer/Menominee, Paul Polfus/Carney, Joe Reddinger/North Dickinson, Chris Hofer/Kingsford, etc. Chad Brandt, your football coach and AD is on his way to join that list of all time greats. Here’s the guy who’s the face of all your programs, the one positive constant person in your disfunctional school district.

I personally know a lot of people in Stephenson. They’re great people who love their town and school who maybe are just not involved enough. Sometimes it takes something completely out of line to tip the cart. I hope this is the time the good people of Stephenson say enough is enough.

I would urge all the people who’ve moved their kids to bring them back. Those kids will want to graduate from their home school. I would urge the rest of you to remove/replace the people who are making your school district so unbearable good people want out.

I would also hope that Chad would be re-instated. I was lucky enough to be his high school basketball coach. He was one of the best, fiercest most competitive kids I’ve ever been lucky enough to be involved with — someone I would love to coach my kids.

Enough is enough.

Art Van Damme

Naples, Florida