Gun violence and the Second Amendment


I would like to address the letter submitted by Mr. Green regarding the root cause of increased gun violence in the United States. He accurately stated there were 6,509 deaths and 12,767 injuries have been caused by guns in the U.S. in 2017. His logic — or attempt at it — states that this is in response to the removal of restrictions on gun ownership by persons with a history of mental illness. I’m not sure where Mr. Green is getting his information from here because I am unaware of any credible legislative effort at the state or federal level to remove restrictions on mentally ill persons wishing to buy guns.

In Mr. Green’s own words, “the next time you attend a parade or sporting event, or any other gathering that has attracted a crowd, you could be in the company of any number of mentally disturbed individuals who are armed and potentially dangerous.”

This kind of verbiage sickens me to the core. As a conservative Democrat I can say in all honesty that these types of platitudes and talking points do nothing but make the Democratic Party look weak on the Second Amendment. This is one southern Bluedog Dem who won’t back down from any fight regarding the Second Amendment. Mr Green you speak in generalities and platitudes that add little substance to your argument. There are over 100,000,000 law-abiding gun owners in the United States who own over 350 million guns. Contrast these numbers to the ones you pointed out and you will see that injury or deaths by gun violence in the United States, though serious, are very low comparatively.

Mr Green added, “Add alcohol or drugs to the occasion, and you might be in for the thrill of a lifetime when the shooting starts.” Sir are you aware of the fact that 44,000 Americans die every year from secondhand smoke. Perhaps you misguided soap box will be best pointed in that direction, because even those numbers dwarf the amount of persons injured and killed by gunfire in the U.S. on an annual basis.

Mr. Green concluded by stating “you can draw your trusty .45 and return the fire coming at you from somewhere in the crowd of innocent bystanders, including women and children.” Sir I’m not sure what your point is other than hearing yourself speak by making such a senseless statement. When out with my wife and daughter I am armed everywhere I go. I do not conduct myself with some gunslinging level of bravado. Nor do I walk with a swagger that would indicate that I’m armed and ready for a fight. In direct contrast to your assertion, I am more humble and aware of my surroundings including the people around me based on the fact that I am armed. Sir go elsewhere for your entertainment leave the Second Amendment alone.

David Moyle