Defending Trump


Valerie Destrampe wrote about all of her problems with the Trump Administration. There won’t be enough paper to respond to each issue she raised. I’ll try a few.

Lying: Where did President Trump lie? Back it up. Defying regulations: A wonderful thing. We are being choked to death with regulations. We are not a free country anymore. Expanding hate with a vengeance: Wow! Right out of the democrat’s morning “talking points.” Who is expanding hate? Another speaker blocked at Berkely. No riot — this time. The hate being spread is from the misinformation that the liberals keep repeating, you know, he hates women, he hates Mexicans. No, just illegal Mexicans. You know, Criminals?

Spending, spending, spending: President Trump has decreased our deficit. When Obama took office — $9 trillion in debt. Today $20 trillion. Yes, Trump goes to Florida. Presidents are allowed to do that sort of thing after they win the election. Other presidents went to California, Texas, Massachusetts. Obama liked Hawaii. Mrs. Obama like taking her daughters to Aspen. The one Obama daughter went to Mexico with a plane load of her friends for spring break. We paid for it. She was 17.

Tom Grant