Yoopers had much to say during U.P. visit


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed being in Escanaba recently, and how much I look forward to my return visits. I was so impressed by the number of residents who came out to share their concerns and their ideas for rebuilding Michigan.

As we traveled through the Upper Peninsula, making 20 stops, visiting 11 counties and talking with hundreds of Yoopers, we heard a lot of concerns that are shared by people throughout the state: Schools are underfunded and outdated; good-paying jobs are hard to find; people are worried about access to health care.

But we heard some unique challenges as well, such as the lack of broadband, high energy costs, and the need to balance jobs and the environment. We’re focused on improving the lives of all Michiganders — rural, urban, Democrat, Republican and Independent — and these conversations are helping us craft a platform that reflects what we all need to see from our government.

For those I met who said they want to learn more about my goals as governor, please go to my website, www.gretchenwhitmer.com, to sign up for email updates. That way, as we roll out our platform, you’ll be the first to see it.

Gretchen Whitmer

Candidate for Governor