What’s wrong with the airport?


What a joke we have here at the Delta County Airport. We, along with many others, want to fly out of and into Escanaba, but the airport seems to have a problem keeping the runway clear and open.

I know first-hand the times I’ve tried to fly out of here, we were not able to get on the plane because the runway was iced and the plane couldn’t land. Once the plane landed, we had a wait on the plane to be deiced and another process of getting the ice off the plane. After a two-hour delay, we were up and running. Forget about connecting flights — we missed them.

After being gone a few weeks, we tried to return to Escanaba and once again we were stuck at the Detroit airport because the planes could not land on the runway. Where exactly is the problem — Delta County Airport personnel or the weather? Delta County does not start work until 7 a.m., so that might be one problem for not keeping the runway clean and ready for service. Maybe the airport manager needs to look at a more efficient way to keep the runways operational and keep the traffic coming to Escanaba or just maybe there is more to it than the eye can see.

Being held up in Detroit airport for two days is ridiculous. It isn’t Delta Airlines — its Delta County Airport. The airlines were trying very hard to please many Delta County people to get them home. Delta Airlines were shifting people to, Marquette, Iron Mountain, Green Bay, etc. Now why were the airports able to receive a plane, but not Delta County Airport. If the Windy City of Chicago can keep their runways open, what’s wrong with Escanaba. Many grants have been written, but maybe they need a grant to keep the runways open for traffic. When you know you have planes coming in the airport, get your equipment out and doing what is necessary to clean the runway and preparing for the incoming flight — not wait to see if the weather is going to change.

It is very frustrating for people who have flights into and out of Escanaba to be shuffled around to other airports and finding a way to get back to Escanaba at their own expense. I’m all for safety, but I’m also aware there is a problem at the Escanaba airport.

John and Lois Pinar