Trumps not the only travelers


Gerry Niedermaier’s letter from March 9 takes the Trump family to task for being successful. Calls it “fleecing” to continue operating a billion dollar global enterprise.

Former president Obama went to Hawaii twice a year. Michelle Obama took her girls to Europe and Africa for a vacation. Barack went on presidential trips all of the time while Michelle and Sash and Malia went skiing (at least twice). What about the spring break trip to Mexico for the 17-year-old daughter and her friends? The Clintons left office in 2000, broke, making $400,000 a year.

Bill Clinton fles all over giving speeches at millions a pop, all with Secret Service protection

$100,000 for Secret Service protection while it cost over $2 million for every vacation the Obama took on Air Force One. He was on vacation in Hawaii, and flew back to Washington for a photo-op for one afternoon, at a cost of $179,000 per hour. About a 10 hour flight one way. So lets talk about fleecing Gerry Neidermaier. If it were Hillary, would you be writing your letter?

I believe that even if Trump cured cancer, there are some of you that would complain that there were too many healthy people.

Tom Grant