The fleecing of America


Well, the Trumpers, Don Sr., Don Jr. and Eric, are real jetsetters. According to CBS News, by Wednesday, March 1, Eric Trump will have gone to four countries on Trump company business since Jan. 1, each with Secret Service agents in tow.

Then just a few weeks after the inauguration, he flew to the Dominican Republic — but not before Secret Service agents first went for a routine advance-planning trip, which is standard operating procedures. And then, Eric and his brother Donald Jr. flew to Dubai for the gala opening of another Trump property. And then it was Vancouver’s turn: a new Trump hotel that will be the city’s second-largest skyscraper. Both brothers attended, and their Secret Service protection went with them. The Secret Service won’t say how much all those trips cost the agency (no transparency here), but taxpayers are footing the bills. Some estimates are that it’s $100,000 per trip.

A British paper, the Independent, reports Eric’s visit to Uruguay on a business trip to check on the progress of the Trump Tower in January is said to have cost U.S. taxpayers almost $100,000 to cover his security costs. Secret service agents are not required for adult children of Presidents and Vice-Presidents and President Reagan’s son, Ron, refused Secret Service protection. But, not the Trumpers, as the show must go on.

And while The Don has reportedly given up running the “Corporation” we all know when he’s done at the White House, he’ll resume control and take the reigns back from all the Trumpers. And, they will all be able to reach down and help him climb up the piles of taxpayer money they have amassed. In the first 33 days as President, The Don has spent 11 days in his “Florida White House.” And, each time he entertains at his restaurant, do the taxpayers pay the Corporation for the food, booze, music, and the rest of the trappings?

While in New York, the city is paying $500,000 a day to guard Trump Tower, according to police officials’ estimates, an amount that could reach $183 million a year. Upon arrival in Dubai, the Don’s sons were greeted with a private luncheon with Hussain Sajwani, the billionaire who runs Damac Properties and partnered with The Don on the golf course. Ties between one of the Trump Organization subsidiaries and Mr. Sajwani remain strong and the company received between $1 to $5 million from Damac for running the golf club, according to a US Federal Election Committee report submitted in May. The Don told journalists last month, Damac offered the Trump Organization $2 billion in deals after his election, which was later confirmed by Damac. They’re fleecing us. But, heck, it’s only our tax dollars at work, eh? It’s far from over, as the Don’s mantra seems to be “We’re going to make money and lots of it and it’s going to be fabulous money. The best money ever. Great money, trust me.”

Gerry Niedermaier