Improving public schools


Re. Federal Law Study to Improve K-12 Public Schools

“Every Student Succeed Act”

With our public schools being operated much like they were about 100 years ago, its no wonder the federal government has initiated such a study, as the stats, do little, if anything.

My letter recently addressed to Governor Snyder suggested two things:

1. Increase the 9-12 grades from 4 to 5 years.

2. Consolidate high schools wherever feasible and practical, disregarding municipal and count boundary lines in Rapid River to Gladstone, Big Bay to Manistique, Houghton and Hancock, Kingsford, Iron Mountain, etc. etc.

3. The fifth year of high school should be built around the first year in junior collage courses and occupational and physical job learning, like machinist, welding, carpentry, hair cutting and styling, etc. etc. to prepare for an occupation of college.

4. As student class population by grade increases in number the more opportunity for more courses of study can be offered by more knowledgeable teaching.

Robert E. Gifford