Bergman (invited) town hall meeting


Concerned constituents of Michigan’s First (U.S. House) District are inviting Representative Jack Bergman to attend a town hall meeting hosted by the Marquette community. People from across the political spectrum are also being invited to participate, making this a democratic, civil engagement about issues important to voters. The event is open to the public. In communities across the country, constituents are also holding town halls, inviting their representatives.

The town hall meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 13, in the Marquette Masonic Center Red Room, 128 W. Washington St., Marquette, during a Congressional recess.

To date, Rep. Bergman has made only a few appearances in Michigan since taking office in January, not inviting general questions or comments from constituents without pre-screening.

Rep. Bergman’s Upper Peninsula office has begun scheduling March mobile office hours in area communities. Constituents will be able to meet with staff, though apparently not with Rep. Bergman.

He has also scheduled two tele-town halls with pre-screened questions, on March 7 and March 30. Hosts of the April 13 town meeting contend these efforts are not enough.

Constituents have many concerns. “Before the Affordable Care Act became law, approximately 50,000 Americans died every year from treatable diseases. I want Jack to tell us what he plans to do to make sure that we don’t go back to that situation,” said Paul Olson, Ishpeming resident.

Megan Collier, of Marquette says, “As a voter who has done her research on Mr. Bergman, I know that he splits most of his time between Washington DC and his house in Louisiana. While he says he loves the UP and wants to do right by his constituents, I think he could do a more thorough job if he spent time here, having conversations and hearing concern of those who truly live and breathe the beauties and challenges of living here.”

Organizers have sent certified invitation letters to Bergman’s offices in Washington, D.C., Marquette, and Traverse City. A “request for appearance” web form has been submitted along with calls to his Marquette and Washington offices. Additional attempts to invite Rep. Bergman will continue until hosts receive an RSVP.

Anne Stark

Jack Bergman (Invited) Town Hall Event