Trump should not be president


Donald Trump does not have the intellect, temperament, or moral compass to be president of this country. We did however end up with this P.T. Barnum master showman with equal amounts of arrogance and incompetence and a twitter account. Trump was schooled in his early life by the infamous lawyer Roy Cohn, who served the interest of Mafia figures, the rich and powerful, Senator Joe McCarthy in his witch hunts of the 1950s and was a player in in the spy trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. Cohn served Donald Trump well with “working the refs.” Strategies, admit no wrong, always be on the attack, keep your name in the tabloids, threaten lawsuits and counter-lawsuits etc. Roy Cohn was disbarred later in his life, and died of AIDS at the age of 59. Maybe Donald Trump is the son of Roy Cohn wished he would have had?

Just after the November election, two letters appeared in this paper. Mr. Carl Stenberg opinioned that God almighty intervened and made Donald Trump president. This made me wonder if God received any help from Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks? The reopening of the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails by Director James Comey? (Found no new information). Voter suppression and Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach’s voter cross check? I also wonder if God was aided by Donald Trump’s best comrade in the world, Vladimir Putin, and the boys in the Kremlin? Mr. John M.A. Bergman’s letter (History not understood) reads like a defense of fascism and its latest manifestation. I would argue Mr. Bergman and others to read the fine letter by Sue Hurley (the warning signs of fascism) in the Feb. 16 issue of this newspaper. There are 14 points in this document that are hanging in the Holocaust Museum, I will not list them as they are covered in Sue’s letter. There is overlap between Fascism, Communism, Nazism, and many other isms which is the authoritarian and autocratic position the leaders may possess. It is possible that Donald Trump is something not seen before, but fits into the authoritarian and autocratic type and may be of an amorphous quality? The people Donald Trump has chosen as advisors and cabinet members are truly frightening. Many are incompetent, others are malevolent and dangerous, and some meet all these requirements. Many of these people are very wealthy, many are Wall Street types, some are in charge of departments they want to destroy, and many have a somewhat “checkered” past. Donald Trump said he was going to drain the swamp? Lowering the water in this swamp will surely help these “Creatures from The Black Lagoon” devour whatever is left.

Jim Morrison

Garden Corners