Response to poster letter


In response to Sue Hurley’s letter, Feb. 15, I will take on the questions that were raised by the poster she referenced in what seemed to be a thinly veiled attack on the Trump administration. 1. Powerful and continuing nationalism. I am very proud to be an American! I want a President that feels the same way. 2. Disdain for human rights. What do you call trying to improve the plight of the inner cities? Wanting to get Chicago under control? How about trying to get illegal criminals off our streets so innocent people like Kate Steinle don’t end up dying in her father’s arms because of some “sanctuary city” bull crap? 3. identify enemies as a unifying cause. After 9/11, we stood together as a nation. However briefly, we were unified. That was not a bad thing. Radical Islamic terrorism. Obama never said it. Why? World War II, we knew exactly who the enemy was.

The whole country supported the war effort. 4. Supremacy of the military. If we were not stronger, we would not have won World War II. Rampant sexism. Four of the most powerful people in the government are women. 5. Controlled mass media. Hmmmm. Maybe Sue was talking about the liberal left? 6. Obsession with national security. Do you have locks on your doors? I don’t want a President who allows hundreds of thousands cross the southern border illegally. Been there, done that. I want a strong border and strong national security. 7. Religion and government intertwined. Well there is one that isn’t even close to happening. The Constitution doesn’t say freedom “from” religion. Government can’t force you to belong to a religion. 8. Corporate power protected. How do we function without companies making things? There has to be a corporate structure to build cars, and make paper, and invent smart phones. 9. Labor power suppressed. How about labor unions taking millions of dollars from workers who do not have an option and then spend those dues to try and get Hillary elected?

10. Disdain for intellectuals and the arts. Have you seen the news? Berkeley campus on fire, for one. I have disdain for those so-called intellectuals. 11. Obsession with crime and punishment. I want crime stopped and criminals punished. Problem? 12. Rampant cronyism and corruption. Maybe she was talking about the Democrats. And last, but not least, fraudulent elections. “The Russians hacked the election.” “Hillary won the popular vote.” The Russians did not change one vote. They did not get into the voting machines and switch the totals. Hillary got more of the popular vote. So?.

I like where we are going as a nation. I remember the lessons of history. Every time we had a very bad president, we actually got it right with a good one; Reagan after Carter, Bush after Clinton, and now Trump after Obama. I am very hopeful for the first time in eight years. I want to Make America Great Again.

Tom Grant