A non-news story


Friday, Feb. 17, all of the news stations started out with the story about the National Guard being a “deportation force”. By noon, it was obvious that this was a non-news story that somebody thought would hurt President Trump.

By mid-afternoon, the so-called “deportation force was simply a proposal that some low-level person in that agency put together. Obvious that they had nothing better to do. AP even said that nobody with any power had even seen the proposal. The Escanaba Daily Press story even says that. However, the headline is what most people read.

Who is going to take the time to read 17 paragraphs to find out that there really wasn’t a story here? This is wrong.

If I were in charge, I would have a lot of different options to cover any possible contingency. If the order came from Trump to put together a plan, I would think that would be something worthwhile. In any situation in life, you should know what you would do in an emergency. There are a myriad of things that a President needs to have at a moment’s notice. He relies on his Cabinet members and the administration staff to give him options. This option was something that the liberal press thought looked bad. So now we have legal immigrants that are now fearing the National Guard.

The Daily Press is now in the same boat as the rest of the main stream media that are looking for headlines. On Facebook, your story would have been called click-bait.

Tom Grant