Stealing election signs is a crime


There is a lot of excitement over the elections in the contested races in the Aug. 2 Democratic Primary in Garden Township.

A candidate for state representative of the 108th district attended the Tuesday, July 12, Garden Township Board meeting. After the meeting, she commented that there were more political signs on the Garden Peninsula than anywhere else in the 108th District! The sad part is that there are now less signs. Two candidates for re-election have had over a dozen signs stolen from the front yards of private residences. Stealing a campaign sign or tampering with a sign is a crime. It is not a federal offense, but a crime of theft, damage to personal property, possession of stolen property and trespassing. I would suggest that if you do not like a candidate, show it in the voting booth instead of doing something illegal. This behavior is definitely invading on the freedom of speech and is un-American.

Janet Feenstra Daasch


Garden Township Board