Basic Marine project a benefit to community


Believe in Basic Marine and Escanaba. After 40 years of operating Basic Marine (and now North Shore Marine Terminal and Logistics) are about to make history for the city of Escanaba.

With the implementation of a deep-water port, a ship from Italy will arrive with cargo this fall. This is a tremendous opportunity with endless possibilities for the creation of new jobs through industrial development.

Over the years, Basic Marine has taken on daunting employment and environmental issues, not to mention financial risks that would make most of us run in the opposite direction. The vision and expense that have been undertaken to establish North Shore Marine and to transition the old Merchant Dock into the new deep-water port is nothing short of epic. Recently, North Shore Marine has been driving steel sheet piling to extend the length and width of the old dock, back filling the area with stone to create a working surface for cranes and forklifts, installing bollards to secure the ships while loading and unloading cargo, and attaching rubber fenders to protect the dock and ships when they are tied up.

This company represents an environment of commerce, trade, and shipping. The shipyard and deep-water port embody progress.

If we as a community rally behind the vision of North Shore Marine and the deep-water port, we will all be winners. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Perhaps, the same could be said of North Shore Marine.

Susan Jacobsen