Safety tips for summer storms

Severe weather can strike quickly and create a variety of dangerous situations. With this in mind, here are some safety tips suggested by the Upper Peninsula Power Company.

Power lines

Always consider a power line to be energized even if it is on the ground. Do not touch a downed line or try to move it in any way. Call the police or your power company as soon as possible.


An electric generator can be helpful during a power outage. However, there are still safety issues to consider. Be sure to disconnect your house from the power company’s system. Doing this will ensure that your generator cannot feed electricity back into the system and protect workers who are working to restore service, as well as prevent the flow of electricity into nearby homes. Store fuel for generators in cool, well-ventilated spaces to lessen the chance of fire. Operate generators in ventilated spaces to guard against carbon monoxide poisoning.

Storm Checklist

It is possible power may be out for an extended period after a particularly severe storm. To make outages as painless as possible, take a few minutes to assemble an emergency kit before you need it.

The following are some basics items to consider for your kit:

– Flashlights

– Battery-operated radio to hear weather forecasts and news bulletins

– First-Aid kit

– Supply of water and non-perishable food

– Specialty items, such as prescriptions, baby food and warm clothing