Strangers reinforce faith in human nature

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From Ching Bezine of Bark River:

The Sweetest Tangerines

In a bag of tangerines you buy, although not all of them are sweet, some can certainly leave a lasting taste. Among the people you meet, although not all of them are wonderful, some can definitely remain unforgettable.

I was short-changed for five dollars in a store. I dreaded the confrontation and could just visualize the unpleasantness. But I also hated to be a coward, so biting my lip, I went back in. The checkout lady was waiting for me. Smiling and waving, she said, “I knew what happened, and I was wishing you’d come back!”

I needed a new vacuum cleaner. Being mentally-challenged in machine-operating, I stared at the huge box and wondered how could I put the numerous parts together then figure out the complicated instruction. The saleslady opened the tightly sealed box for me, assembled the uncountable pieces of the puzzle, taught me the mind-bugling procedure step-by-step, showed me how the empty the dirt, and waited for me to repeat what she had done. She then added, “If you should forget any of these, just give me a call!”

I bought 2 gallons of house paint. A salesman put the paint in my cart, and the checkout lady reached into my cart to check the price. But I still didn’t know how to suddenly become strong enough to move the heavy containers into my car. A lady behind me in line said, “Wait for me at the door. I’ll help you push the cart to your car then put the paint in your truck!”

These event all took place in Escanaba. These people were all strangers to me. But they were the sweetest tangerines that brightened my days and reinforced my faith in human nature.

From Gladstone High School Braves baseball:

The 2018 Gladstone High School Braves baseball players, coaches and boosters would like to thank everyone who either donated to our attended our sixth annual Meet the Teams and Coaches Breakfast Fundraiser. We truly appreciate the wonderful support our community surrounds us with.

We look forward to seeing you all at our games. Goooo Braves!

From the Knights of Columbus:

Thank you to all the “helpers,” the surrounding communities and the participating stores for their support of the 2018 Knights of Columbus, Council 640, Escanaba Tootsie Roll Drive held on March 23, 24 and 25. It was another successful year helping those who can’t help themselves.

From Laurie Spaulding:

Thank you so much to the person who found my keys and turned them in at Elmer’s County Market on April 8.


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