DATA staff deserves to be appreciated

This week’s bouquets go to:

From Cecil and Elsa DePas of Escanaba:

My husband and I have been using the DATA Bus for five years. we felt the need to express our gratitude and appreciation for their service. The entire staff, from drivers to dispatch operators have always been kind and helpful.

Sometimes, we don’t get to our destination immediately, but we are well aware that when we call for a ride, we don’t expect the DATA bus to be our personal chauffeurs. they have a schedule of pick ups and when they state a time for your pick up, it might be 15 pr 20 minutes late due to unforeseen circumstances, but in our experience they are well within the time they schedule you. Since we no longer drive, we depend a lot on the bus. It has been our experience that every time we have had appointments, they make sure we arrive on time.

The drivers are extremely patient and we can attest to the fact that at times, folks can get pretty rude and take much for granted. The dispatchers are always willing to accommodate you regarding scheduling.

The DATA bus staff needs to hear a word of appreciation every once in a while just as every hard-working person does. I reflect on a thought from a prayer on aging which in part says: “Give me ability to see good things in unexpected places and good deeds in unexpected people, and give me, O, Lord the grace to tell them so.”

From the DeLaire family, Steve, Julie, Hannah, Grace and Emma:

On behalf of our daughter Hannah, Julie and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped Hannah and our family get through this very difficult time in our lives. To the first responders, rampart, Valley Med flight crew and law enforcement that worked so hard at the accident scene; to the ER staff at St Francis Hospital; to the Valley Med flight crew that kept her alive on her way to Green Bay; to the doctors, nurses and staff at St Vincent Hospital for their impeccable care; to our family, friends and the entire community that reached out to us with endless love, prayers and generosity; to the volunteers and those that took part in Hannah’s benefit luncheon; to all the people that were involved in Hannah’s homecoming; to all of you, from the bottom of our hearts, We thank you. The love given to us from this community has been overwhelming. We truly believe that this love and the thousands of prayers have made the difference in Hannah’s recovery. Hannah continues to work hard and is making progress every day. She has a way to go, but with the love, prayers and support of people like you, she will get there.


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