Any government recycling effort a step in right direction

With his time in office starting to dwindle, Gov. Rick Snyder laid the groundwork for what could turn out to be a robust state-led recycling initiative going forward.

Snyder, in an executive order signed late last week, ordered all state government facilities to provide recycling services within the next year, the Detroit Free Press reported. A related executive order instructed the Department of Technology, Management and Budget to provide all state departments with information about recycling.

The Free Press also reported that the governor rolled out something called Re:Source, which will promote use of recycled materials, partly by helping businesses connect with companies that buy and sell recycled paper, metal, glass and plastic. It calls for the state to set an example by boosting recycling opportunities at state parks, rest areas and other sites.

Some people are going to complain, we expect, that Snyder is seeking to burnish his legacy by launching easy to support programs that require little or no state funding.

While there may or may not be an element of truth in that, we believe that anytime recycling can be increased at any level, it’s not a bad thing.

We support at least the concept and hope the program is successful.

— The Mining Journal (Marquette)