Check the box and help local children

Area residents can help keep kids safe in Delta County this tax season by adding a simple check mark to Form 4642 on Michigan 2017 state income tax returns.

“Every child deserves our protection. No task is as important, as keeping our children safe from harm”, said Lannie Berg, Welcome Newborns program coordinator of Delta County. “Unfortunately, too many children fall victim to neglect and abuse by the very people they trust to keep them safe.”

Statistics show that parents are responsible for more deaths of children under age 5 than all childhood illnesses combined. This is a statistic we can no longer tolerate. Ignorance and impatience are usually behind these tragic deaths, often the end of a short life marked by repeated episodes of abuse. “We all must be actively involved if we are going to succeed in keeping our children safe” said Berg.

The Welcome Newborns program of Delta County has launched a “Check the Box” campaign to encourage Delta County residents to donate. “We have been given a unique opportunity to increase the funds available in our community to prevent child abuse and neglect and are encouraging our Delta County citizens to check the box, make a donation, and show the rest of the state how much Delta County cares about its kids. As a Local Council of Michigan’s Children’s Trust Fund the Welcome Newborns Program of Delta County includes programs that teach parents and caregivers how to combat their own impatience — how to “stay cool” when the challenges of child-rearing make the job feel overwhelming. The Welcome Newborns program significantly impacts the lives of children in our neighborhoods and community.

This year, CTF will track Form 4,642 donations from each county. In simple terms, the more dollars donated by Delta County residents, the greater the impact on local children and families. The Child Abuse Prevention Council is asking county residents to help protect children by using Form 4642 and checking Line 3 (Children’s Trust Fund – Supporting and Strengthening Families in Michigan). “Contributions can be for as little as five dollars, or they can be more,” Berg said. “Every dollar makes a difference.”