This weekend, buy from nearby

Retail businesses across the state will celebrate Buy Nearby Weekend this Saturday and Sunday.

It’s all part of the Michigan Retailers Association’s (MRA) year-round Buy Nearby campaign that encourages shoppers to support their local communities and state economy by buying from retailers in Michigan.

Many stores will offer special promotions as a thank you to supportive customers. Shoppers can find one-of-a-kind items, great service and unique deals when they visit local retailers this weekend.

Independent research found that the state economy would grow by more than $9 billion and nearly 75,000 new jobs would be created if residents bought from retailers in Michigan, rather than from out-of-state online sellers. More than 866,000 Michigan jobs are directly dependent on retail sales, and many of those workers are shoppers’ friends and neighbors.

“One in four jobs in Michigan depends on the retail industry,” said James P. Hallan, MRA president and CEO. “On average, 50 cents of every dollar spent in a retail business in Michigan stays in the community and helps grow the Michigan economy. Those are powerful reasons to help strengthen our community by keeping our shopping dollars in the Mitten.”

Michigan Department of Treasury figures show that retail trade accounted for more than $90 billion in economic activity in Michigan, not counting food and prescription drug purchases.

Many Michigan retailers feature made-in-Michigan products, giving shoppers yet another way to support local artists, crafters, farmers and manufacturers in their communities.

Being part of a community allows Michigan retailers to really know their customers and stock their stores with the purses, gifts, clothing, books, food, shoes and other items customers want.

Shopping in a store allows you to see, touch, try on, and examine the difference between brands. That’s why it’s so important for customers to visit retailers in their communities and buy nearby