Gail Ann Glendon

Gail Ann Glendon

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. — Gail Ann died quietly Jan. 2, 2018 in the company of her children and the compassionate attendants of the Suncoast Hospice Care Center of Pinellas Park Florida.

Gail was born in Flint, Mich., Oct. 4, 1940, the daughter of Delene Beatrice (Derby) Beach and Russell Eugene Beach.

Gail’s family, including husband, Mark (Manistique and Largo, Fla.); daughters, Amy (McGinty) Cooper (Escanaba) and Clair MacGregor (in-law, Marquette); sons, Michael McGinty and Robert Miley (in-law, San Francisco, Calif.), Kirk Cooper (in-law Escanaba), and Keith Glendon (Marquette); brothers, Russell James Beach (Battle Creek, Mich.) Paul Glendon (in-law, Ann Arbor, Mich.); sisters, (in-law) Verna G.H. Beach (Battle Creek, Mich.) and Anne Glendon (Ann Arbor, Mich.); grandchildren, Alanna Cooper, Josh Cooper, Allister MacGregor, Keerin Glendon, Bella Glendon, and Elliott Joy Glendon; is united in grief but also celebrates the light Gail shed on and shared with all and hope to carry that forward in our lives.

Gail was a loving daughter, and later, caregiver for her mother after her father was taken young from them and brother Jim.

She was a caring mother to children grown over a lifetime, from early joys and teen heartaches, to sometimes seeming strangers, to adult friends in the end, and grandmother to a brood both diverse and dear.

She was a practical and efficient master of her kitchen, a teacher and an example of charity and good will, adept at rug and basket making, and a prolific producer of wonderful quilts and fabric art bowls.

Her appetite for books was insatiable and her enthusiasm for outdoor experience, whether hiking or walking or exploring by bike or simply taking in the air by the water, was there to the end.

Her sometimes stern edges belied her playfulness, humor and caring heart, but Gail was also a steadfast friend and helpmate, a spritely companion by the campfire, on a wilderness adventure or a cross-country trek in the oddest or most comfortable conveyance.

She was the sunshine on many shoulders and is as precious in the memory as the first rays of dawn after the dark of night.

No formal funeral is planned, rather, friends will gather, as seasons progress, in familiar venues to share recollections and celebrate the memories of times, places and events that her presence brightened and in that company and fellowship brightens still.

Donations in Gail Ann Glendon’s memory can be made by visiting the donation page at or by draft mailed to Suncoast Hospice Foundation, 5771 Roosevelt Blvd., Clearwater FL 33760 or to any hospice organization in the donor’s locality.