Gladstone ready to present city budget

GLADSTONE — A public hearing on the proposed budget for Gladstone’s 2018-19 fiscal year has been officially set for the Gladstone City Commission’s next regular meeting. The meeting will also include a detailed look at the budget proposal.

“We are (going to) have a presentation at the meeting on March 26,” City Manager Darcy Long said.

Long spoke about the process of developing Gladstone’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year at Monday’s commission meeting. He said the proposed budget had been largely finalized after the commission’s previous meeting on Feb. 26, though minor adjustments had been made to the proposal as recently as Monday afternoon.

“A lot of people looked at it,” Long said.

The budget document begins with a summary of Gladstone’s proposed 2018-19 budget. It includes projected total city expenditures of $15,076,245 and a millage rate of 15.4897 mills.

Items listed in the 2018-19 budget proposal include the reconstruction of 9th Street, capital projects for the city’s Department of Public Works, the allocation of funds towards the city’s pension liability with the Michigan Municipal Employees’ Retirement System, the start of funding for a new City Hall/Department of Public Works facility, various parks and recreation projects (including the installation of a new, community-funded disc golf course at the John and Melissa Besse Sports Park), the development of the North Shore Property, and chip sealing on city streets, among others.

The proposal also lists funding for the development of a K-9 unit for the Gladstone Public Safety Department, as was discussed during the city’s budget process and approved at the commission’s last meeting. The department will raise 95 percent of the $65,000 it needs to start this program, and the commission would provide $5,000 from the Dr. Mary Cretens Community Improvement Funds under the proposed budget.

Long said the budget includes Gladstone’s first-ever Community Investment Plan (CIP), as well. The CIP, which details plans related to Gladstone’s long-term investments through 2023, was created as a result of an ordinance passed in 2017.

“That … came out from our passing of the ordinance last fall,” Long said.

Those interested in looking at the budget document before the public hearing have a chance to do so by visiting the city of Gladstone’s website ( The document has been posted there as part of the agenda packet for the commission’s March 12 meeting, and it will be posted as a separate document later this week.