Addict working to turn his life around

Jenny Lancour | Daily Press Alpha Omega House II, a drug and alcohol recovery center located at 226 S. Lincoln Road in Escanaba, recently opened its doors to addicts willing to participate in a faith-based rehabilitation program to beat their drug and alcohol dependencies and live a productive life with the continued support of the family of God.

ESCANABA — Alpha Omega II is a new faith-based recovery center in Escanaba which recently opened its doors to individuals looking for a safe home to beat their drug and alcohol addictions and become contributing members of the community.

Patrick Greenfield, 43, of Escanaba, is one of two men currently residing at the local recovery center. He arrived there a week ago, shortly after being released from the county jail.

Last summer, Greenfield admitted to buying drain cleaner — which he knew was going to be used to make meth — in exchange for getting a ride to Gladstone with two co-defendants. He pleaded guilty to one count of maintaining a drug vehicle and was sentenced to seven months in jail.

Greenfield, who admits to abusing pain killers and alcohol, said he previously underwent drug treatment for six months at the Mission Bible Training Center, a long-term treatment program in Gaastra, where he said he connected with the Lord.

“I need to get it right this time,” he said now that he’s been drug-free for several months after serving time in jail. “I’m doing this on my own because I know I need something,” he added.

Greenfield said he knows he has to keep away from his old friends and old habits and is attending church where he is making new friends. He also wants to build stronger relationships with his family and his three children, who are 24, 19, and 8 years old. He would also like to get a job and have a place of his own.

He said his jail time “absolutely helped” him and he knows he needs to improve himself, saying, “I need to get myself right — my mind, body and soul. I’m a Christian. I know right from wrong.”

Greenfield said he had never heard of a place like the local recovery center. As a resident, he feels like someone cares about him. He said he would like to help others who are there as a way for him to “pay it forward” for the assistance he’s receiving.

Though he doesn’t know how long he will be staying at the Alpha Omega House, he said, “Right now, I have to take it day by day… It’s a battle.”