Residents make plans, resolutions for 2017

ESCANABA — New Year’s Eve and Day will be celebrated this weekend, and area residents have a wide variety of plans and resolutions for the upcoming holidays.

Gladstone resident and mother of four Julie Roxford said she will be ringing in the new year while hosting a sleepover for her children and their friends.

“We have a party for our kids, and they all get to have a friend stay the night, and they play games,” she said.

According to Roxford, this tradition has been in place for years.

“We’ve been doing it since we’ve had kids,” she said.

Roxford said New Year’s Day is typically a more laid-back day in her family.

“We go to Mass, and then we prepare to go to school,” she said. “We just have a low-key day.”

For the new year, Roxford said she plans to focus on her health.

“Probably the biggest resolution I have this year is to get healthy,” she said.

Escanaba resident Steven Noble said his goal for the holiday is to spend it with the people closest to him.

“I’m gonna spend valuable time with friends and family,” he said.

Noble said he plans to accomplish this goal by meeting up with friends on New Year’s Eve.

“We’ll probably watch the ball drop at my friend’s house … and celebrate (by) playing card games, things like that,” he said.

Like Roxford, Noble’s resolution for 2017 is health-related.

“I think it’s time to quit smoking after seven years,” he said.

Paige Malnor of Perkins said she and her fiance Ryan Bond will be visiting a relative’s home on New Year’s Eve this year.

“We’re going to his uncle’s house to play Bunco — it’s a dice game,” she said.

This has been a tradition in Bond’s family for some time. However, it is not one Malnor and Bond have participated in before this year.

“They’ve been doing it for a while, but this is our first year of going to play,” Malnor said.

On the following day, Malnor said she will spend time at home.

“Just relaxing and house chores — enjoying the day off,” Malnor said of her New Year’s Day plans.

Malnor said that her resolution for the new year is related to her relationship with Bond.

“Probably just stay happy as a couple … (and) start planning our wedding,” she said.

Gould City resident Connie Trosper said she will be celebrating a quiet New Year’s with her husband, Bob Trosper.

“We’re just gonna stay right in our little cabin and enjoy the weather,” she said.

Bob Trosper said that, while he is not sure what his family will be eating for New Year’s, they did have a special meal for the previous major holiday.

“We had Christmas dinner yesterday with a friend,” he said.

The Trospers have no specific New Year’s resolutions this year.

“We’re just (going to) keep on keeping on,” Bob Trosper said.

Like many other residents of Delta County, Gladstone resident Debra Lordson said she did not yet have plans set in stone for New Year’s. However, she said she was thinking about stopping by the Gladstone Yacht Club tonight.

“They’re open for New Year’s Eve,” she said.

She also noted that Jan. 1 has a special significance to her — in addition to being New Year’s Day, it is her birthday.

“You don’t get as many birthday presents, because of Christmas being so close,” Lordson said.

Lordson said her resolution for 2017 was a simple one.

“Get a better golf game,” she said.

Noble said he hopes everyone is able to enjoy New Year’s Eve and Day.

“I wish everybody a happy New Year’s,” he said.