Arduin honored at trapper workshop

HERMANSVILLE — Members of U.P. Trappers District 3 said former president Rick Arduin will be recognized for bringing the Trappers Workshop to reality back in 2005 when the event takes place in Hermansville Saturday.

“Rick’s idea of putting on an event to get kids and newcomers interested in trapping and other outdoor activities originated in 2005. Thirteen workshops later, we figure we’ve had close to 2,000 attendees. While planning and reviewing the popularity of this event at our last meeting, members of District 3 thought it was time to give well deserved credit to Arduin for bringing the event to reality,” said Jeremy Lundin, secretary/ treasurer. “I would also like to thank all the members of our club who volunteer year after year along with the businesses and individuals who donate the prizes, which make this event such a success.”

The workshop will begin at 8 a.m. CS and run until late afternoon. There will be trapping and fur handling demonstrations throughout the day including: Weasels by Eugene Arduin, Bobcats by Bobby Whitens, Mink/ Muskrats by Clint Seawright and Fur Handling of Mink/Muskrat by Rich Clark. All of the presenters will happily answer questions throughout their presentations. All presenters will be stressing the safe, humane, legal and ethical methods of capture.

Scott Burton Trapping Supplies, along with Willow Tree Furs, will be on hand offering a wide variety of trapping goods. Skunk Creek Furs will be there buying pelts.

There will be can raffles, door prizes (each youngster will win something), fur/skull identification challenge, and opportunities to get involved with: National Trappers Association, U.P. Trappers, and Trapper Education Program. All attendees have the opportunity to learn not only from all the presenters but from any of the veterans of the trapline who attend this event each year. Each youngster will go away with a free weasel trapping startup kit (trap, box, lure and stretcher). Food and refreshments will be for sale throughout the day. Admission is free.

For directions or further information, contact Mike Lewis at 906-774 3592 or visit