Tractor pull results posted for Aug. 11

FLAT ROCK –Results from Aug. 11 tractor pull. Altered Stock–1st place, Sonny Richer;

2nd place, Duane Beauchamp; 3rd place Roy Chenier.

Pro Stock–1st place, Terry Plouff; 2nd place, Gerard Church; third place, Bob Locke.

Modified–1st place, Bob Westman; 2nd place, Vic Dumas; 3rd place, Dan Wigand.

Super Mod–1st place, Tom St. Cyr; 2nd place, Terry Plouff; 3rd place, Tony Krans.

Outlaw–1st place, Tom St. Cyr; 2nd place, Bob Locke; 3rd place, Tony Krans.

Super Outlaw–1st place, Andy Anderson; 2nd place, Tom St. Cyr; 3rd place, Bob Westman.

The next tractor pulls are Friday, Aug. 25 at Florence County Fair and Aug. 26, the Flat Rock Scholarship Pull.