Board looking at dog park locations

ESCANABA — Possible locations for a dog park in Escanaba continue to be looked at by the Escanaba Recreation Advisory Board, which discussed the topic at its regular meeting last week.

The board is currently considering the pros and cons of a dog park on 3.3 acres of land at the county airport, explained Recreation Director Kim Peterson.

Factors involved in the development of a dog park include the space available, the proximity to residential areas, and available funding from outside sources.

Board discussion also included the possibility of a dog park on property behind the civic center, said Peterson, noting the space is limited and is bordered by homes on one side.

In other business Tuesday, the board is reviewing the winter sports budget, specifically for the city’s ice rinks. Because of the expense of ice rinks, the board is looking at having one ice rink at the civic center or alternating the location of the ice rink each year at either Royce Park or Webster School.