Mother, daughter featured in statewide media campaign

Courtesy photo Above, Amanda Hess and her daughter Nadia are pictured in a poster for the “What Moves You?” campaign. The statewide campaign focuses on encouraging physical activity.

WILSON  — Two area residents will be featured in a state-wide media campaign promoting physical activity. Amanda Hess and her daughter, Nadia, were one of the families selected to model for the “What Moves You?” ad campaign that is launching this month. Posters and billboards featuring the mother-daughter pair will be seen across the state, including two billboards in our area.

Hess said this campaign and the message it sends to families resonated with her because, “This campaign is particularly important to me because physical fitness will improve your overall wellness and help you to live longer. It’s about creating good habits that will benefit your health and prevent diseases like diabetes and heart disease that particularly impact many indigenous communities.”

When asked about this campaigns capacity to inspire others, she said, “If you can find a way to keep moving and get exercise it will not only help you physically but also mentally and spiritually to create a balance of your entire well-being. I want to live a long time and watch my daughter grow up and hopefully watch her children grow up. In order to live longer I need to take care of my body now and set an example for my child that she can pass along to her children.”

“What Moves You?” is a campaign aimed at increasing physical activity in Michigan families. If you and your family are looking for ways to get active ­together visit the ­website ­