Five minutes with: Tina Michael

EDITOR’S NOTE: Daily Press Staff Writer Jordan Beck recently spoke with Escanaba resident Tina Michael at the Escanaba Public Library. In a five-question interview, he asked:

– – –

Question: What are you doing at the library today?

Answer: I love the library – I’m here today researching a program for weight loss that I’m going to give.

– – –

Question: What is the program called?

Answer: It’s called TOPS – “Take Off Pounds Sensibly.”

– – –

Question: When will you be presenting on this program?

Answer: I’m doing it next Tuesday at our meeting.

– – –

Question: How often do you visit the library?

Answer: I also come here every day for the summer reading program with my grandson.

– – –

Question: How has your summer been otherwise?

Answer: Wonderful. Escanaba is full of stuff to do…I love it here.