Five minutes with: Alivia Blowers & Samara Sanoville

EDITOR’S NOTE: Daily Press Lifestyles editor Rosanne Reese recently spoke with Alivia Blowers and Samara Sanoville at Northern Lights YMCA. In a five-question interview, she asked:

– – –

Question: What are you doing here today?

Answer: We are going to play basketball and then go swimming.

– – –

Question: Do you come to the YMCA often?

Answer: We come here a lot in the summer.

– – –

Question: What are you enjoying about summer break?

Answer: We are having fun with sleepovers, fishing and especially playing softball.

– – –

Question: What do you like about the YMCA?

Answer: It is open to the public and there’s a pool. There are classes for all kinds of people.

– – –

Question: What are your plans for the summer?

Answer: We have softball tournaments, and we travel to Wisconsin for them.