Column: Do you know a Delta Force candidate?

ESCANABA — In October, the 13th Delta Force Leadership class graduated with 24 students. Delta Chamber of Commerce, along with community sponsors have made this program a continuing success, having trained and inspired nearly 300 community leaders over the years.

Delta Force is an intensive leadership program designed to build knowledge, skills and inspiration in participants; challenging them to assume leadership roles on boards, commissions or community elected positions. Over 10 months participants meet once a month to delve into one single facet of leadership.

The program focuses on developing knowledge and skill development in areas such as; education, public safety, criminal justice, economic development, health and human services, local government and the political process, while building character with an ethical and compassionate approach to problem solving and decision making.

All sessions are designed to be highly interactive and thought provoking. Students are introduced to community leaders, visit local businesses and hold group discussions. They are encouraged to question what they are learning and to expand their own beliefs. This year one of the graduating students said, “I’ve lived here all my life. I thought I knew everything there was to know about this wonderful place. Boy…was I wrong about that, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is going on in this community. Delta Force has taught me not to judge a book by its cover but to open that front cover and dig in. What you will find are some amazing people who are going out of their way to change lives and our local economy.

Another participant said, “I now have a better grasp of how leadership ripples out to affect my community. Together we can have an impact.”

We are now at the time of enrolling participants for the next year’s program. Our challenge to you is to help identify emerging leaders and encourage them to participate in the program. Who benefits from the Delta Force Program? Obviously the participants do as they learn ways in which they can influence positive change in our community, but so do our local businesses and community at large. Do you have someone within your business that has what it takes to become one of the next leaders in our community? Would you consider sponsoring them?

Know someone who would benefit from the program? Nominate or encourage them to become involved. Contact Delta Chamber of Commerce for more information and an application AT 906-786-2192 or

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Mollie Larsen is a staff writer at the Delta Chamber of Commerce