Visits from ‘angels’ leave space for change

Like a gust of cool wind on a hot day, they drift for a brief moment into our lives, and then they are gone as quickly as they came. Briefly, and often when we are in the deepest of problems, struggles, and sorrows, we encounter strangers (I call them angels) that provide understanding, love, support, and suggestions that significantly impact our lives and future.

These angels probably never realize their tremendous impact on others, because their time with us is so brief. All they want to do is help in any way, shape, or form they can. Through these encounters, these angels give us energy, inspire and comfort us, and offer wisdom and insight. They recharge our souls.

So, how do we thank these people? Many times, the encounter is too fleeting for this. But, this gift of an insight into our feelings and emotions often provokes a positive change in ourselves. We then internalize these experiences, and when encountering similar situations, we can respond in a similar positive way, passing the kindness along to others and making this world a better place.

Recently, I was fortunate to experience one of these powerful chance encounters. It occurred when we had traveled to Grand Rapids to help my son and his wife take care of their children (our grandchildren). While there, my son David invited me to attend a men’s group spiritual meeting. This is where I met Bert; we hit it off right away. (It seemed as though I had known him for years.) Through all of this, he revealed to me the Lord’s love and how He helped him through his troubled times. Little did Bert know that, through his sharing, he set me back on course and helped me to put things in perspective. You see, Bert was put in my path in life to help me, and that he did.

Here are a few suggestions to consider when you encounter these experiences:

1. Be ever vigilant in your awareness to the opportunities that He places at your feet.

2. Take the headphones off, because you are drowning out the inner voice speaking to you.

3. Thank Him with praise and prayer when this happens.

4. Pass this positive momentum onto others. (Who knows how many lives that you will affect, but odds are that you will.)

Please email me at your experiences of angels among us, as I would like to compile them for a future article(s), but only with your permission. Thanks again, Bert.

— — —

Dan Paul is a retired school administrator. His columns, which explore relationships, are published monthly in Lifestyles. Comments may be submitted at