What will happen to shopping malls?

Dear Readers: The recent subject of the fate of the shopping mall brought in a lot of mail. Here are some responses:

“I’m in favor of having shopping malls, because that’s where we like to shop. We want to be able to see the merchandise, to check its quality. We also enjoy the food courts in shopping malls.” — Ed and Jean, via email

“Sometimes, not everything you see online or in a catalog looks as good in person as it does on websites. And people are losing their jobs. It’s sad that the retail world looks so dismal right now; I hope a solution to save the mall can be found.” — Vicki A. in California

“In my area, ‘toughs’ are roaming and taking over [malls], making shoppers uncomfortable. Some malls have already closed.” — Mary, via email

“Malls are not a safe option in a lot of cities today. I haven’t been to one in a few years.” — Sheri, via email

“When I was young, the shops were on Main Street. Then malls were built, and Main Street died. All of the young people I know shop only online. The malls will die unless they can repurpose themselves.” — Ruth R. in Texas

“Once I know what something feels or smells like, it is far easier to order it online. It’s the alternative to driving 30 minutes away, parking in the sun, walking to the store, telling the kids to behave, waiting in lines, getting hassled by vendors and possibly overpaying for items. By the time I’ve finished my in- person shopping, it’s taken three to four hours of time. The monetary value of my time and sanity is not worth going to the mall anymore.” — Kevin S. in San Antonio

Thanks for your feedback — let’s keep the discussion going! — Heloise


Dear Heloise: Those wonderful boxes of luxury candies that have the gold, heavy tinfoil sections for each piece of candy are perfect to place in a drawer to hold extra jewelry, and they are attractive. The one I am currently using holds 32 pieces of jewelry.

I enjoy your pet photos and wellness hints for our furry friends. — C.R.N., Omaha, Neb.



Dear Heloise: How do I find a handyman in my area? — Kate L., Logan, Utah

Kate, ask a few friends who they would recommend, who they’ve worked with and if they were happy with the results.

There also are various lists on the internet, and don’t forget to check the Better Business Bureau for ratings on their services. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: If I have a spot on something, I grab a diaper wipe. I have one container in every room and in my car. — A Reader, via email


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