Fall in love through dance

Courtesy photo Members of K-Dance Express’ senior troupe will perform at its annual revue on Saturday at Gladstone High School in the Cowen Auditorium.

GLADSTONE — K-Dance students will be showing you what love is about during their annual recital, Saturday, May 20 with a 2 and 6 p.m. performances at the Gladstone High School Cowen Auditorium.

The students will express how love should start and end as they put their whole being into their performance. So bring your love ones and come along and enjoy the show.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the following staff: teachers, Stacy Simon, close friend; Jayna Ray, daughter of Kalisa Ray owner and operator of K-Dance Express; student teachers, Christina Olson, Rylie Curtis and Jasmyn Bittner; and Al and Jenny Polequin, and Hugh and Rosemary Ray for all the work they do back stage to make the revue run smoothly. The students think the world of them.

“What a wonderful troupe to have been privileged to work with” says Ray. “I’m proud of each and every one of them. I would also like to say I am proud of each and every student, their dedication is what makes us.”

Tickets are $12 each, and are now on sale at the studio or by calling Kalisa Ray at 233-7313. Remaining tickets will be on sale at the door.

Students participating in the revue include: Aaliyah Royer, Adrina Busick, Allison Spreitzer, Andria Christopherson, Angelina Livingston, Anton Christopherson, Aubrey VanDrese, Ava Cu

rtis, Ava Ryno, Braelyn Anderson, Brittany Cummings, Casey Lyle, Chelsea McDonough,

Christina Olson, Claire Marlett, Clementine Deeren, Corabelle Busick, Cordelia Busick, Elise Norden, Haven Kichura, Isabella Belhumer, Isabella Busick, Janessa Bittner, Jasmyn Bittner, Jayna Ray, Kelsey Polequin, Kerowyn Lancour, Kinsey Thiry, Kyra Batchelor, Lacey Belland, Laila King, Lauren Schnurrer, Lilly Tryan, Maddie Waller, McKenzie King, Melissa Younk, Molly Smale, Mya Bittner, Olivia Beindorf, Rachael Strand, Rylie Curtis, Samantha Hickman, Schlyn Thiry, Sofia Perkins, Sophia Gudwer, Stacy Simon, Timothy Busick, Trinity Busick, Vayda Bittner, Vivienne Bittner, and Zionnah Boursaw.

Dancing Grannies include: Kathy Illig, Ellen Arnell-Marcell, and Joanne Taylor-Olson.

Partners include the following: Chris Darling, Cody Darling, Matt Cummings, Dylan Gauthier, Casey Kahl, Jeffry Lyle, and Cory Thiry.