Former Gladstone resident publishes book in June

PRAGUE — David LeGault, a 2004 graduate of Gladstone High School will be having a book of essays published in June titled “One Million Maniacs: Beanie Babies, Killer Cars, and the Power of Collecting.” The book will be available on June 6 in paperback and on ebook.

David LeGault attempts to collect one hundred copies of the 10,000 Maniacs: Unplugged CD — a quest that frames a broader look at why we collect things and how we try to fix our lives with stuff. Each chapter uses a different collectible item and shows how we often take internal comfort with external possession. LeGault’s debut is a candid and often very funny look at how we all look for value amidst life’s trash and chaos.

David lived and wrote in Minneapolis, where he destroyed books professionally. He currently lives with his family in Prague.