Fun books available for students to read while riding the school bus

CARNEY — Menominee County Library is pleased to announce a new program starting this Spring. Carney-Nadeau is the lucky school where this program is being launched. Special thanks goes to Principal John Eichhorn for coordinating between the bus drivers, Library and the Student Safety Patrol.

“Books on the Bus” will put fun, kid friendly reading materials on the school buses. “Books on the Bus” items have a bright yellow sticker and can be shared or kept as long as need be. Books may be returned to the school bus or to the Library

Ann Best, Outreach Coordinator for Menominee County Library, was the inspiration to add “Books on the Bus” to the existing Station Stops that the Library maintains around the county. The Menominee County Library was gifted with an anonymous donation for book stickers and bags. Then Project Give stepped up and created a very successful book drive. Over 800 items for the “Books on the Bus” program were collected in a couple of weeks.

Anyone with questions, concerns, or suggestions to improve this program can contact Amanda Winnicki at the Menominee County Library 800-559-8194 or Principal Eichhorn at Carney/Nadeau Schools 906-639-2171.