Separate invoice makes returning item easier



Dear Heloise: I recently phoned in a large order from a catalog. I made a complete list of everything ordered. The problems began when some items were not included in the shipment by mistake, and they got worse when I had to make some returns. Everything needed the original invoice.

My hint is that when ordering online or from a catalog, order each item separately so you will have a separate invoice for each item. Of course, shipping and handling costs are a consideration, so some orders may need to be for multiple items in order to receive free shipping. The fewer items on each invoice will make tracking and returns easier. – A Reader, via email

This could work in some situations, but like you stated, shipping costs definitely are something to consider before doing this. Also, I would only do this when I was really concerned that an item was not going to work for me. This is not something I would do all the time. – Heloise

Remove signs

Dear Readers: Here are some reader responses to a previous column about garage-sale signs:

Melba B. in Katy, Texas, wrote: “Please mention that those who place signs should be diligent in picking all of them up as soon as the sales are finished … for the environment and for those who don’t enjoy seeing them, especially after the fact.”

David C., via email, said: “I am a retired certified code-enforcement officer after 40 years. Most cities require permits for yard sales, garage sales, etc. Signs should not be placed on public property without the owner’s permission.”

Jude M. in San Antonio wrote: “It’s often hard to read them from a passing car because the sign gets posted at shoulder level (or even higher) by the person who is putting it up. Many people in their cars are seated just a foot or so above curb level! So to keep that sign at their eye level, post it closer to your knee level. And use big letters.”

Thank you all! – Heloise

Keep dry

Dear Heloise: When I have a bandage on a finger because of a cut, I often cut off a finger from a disposable glove and put it on my finger, stretching it over the bandage. It keeps it dry and clean while I am preparing food. You also can wash your hand with it on and keep the bandage dry. Just take it off when you are done with the messy chore. Keep the glove, because you still have four more fingers left to use later. – Connie M., The Woodlands, Texas

Cooler ice pack

Dear Heloise: The best ice pack for a cooler is a soda bottle. Fill an empty soda bottle with water. Close the cap tightly and it will never leak. (HELOISE HERE: Be careful not to fill the bottles all the way to the top. Leave some air space so the bottles don’t crack once the water starts to freeze and expand). – B.F., via email

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