Key to a calm, relaxing home

METRO – Inside and out, life can be loud. Retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world by making your home, or specific rooms within it, a calm, relaxing sanctuary.

There’s a room in every house that could benefit from greater sound control, whether it’s a home theater, music room, studio, home office, children’s play room, bathroom, mechanical, or laundry room. Insulating properly will allow you to really enjoy your home that much more and achieve a higher level of comfort.

Experts suggest selecting a dense insulation with a non-directional fiber structure to combat airborne noise such as music, speech and foot traffic. A top choice among builders, contractors, and homeowners is a product called Roxul Safe ‘n’ Sound, which is specially designed for your home’s interior walls, ceilings and floors. This insulation material creates an excellent sound barrier that effectively absorbs noise and reduces the transfer of sound waves.