Book Review: “Full Wolf Moon” by Lincoln Child

This cover image released by Doubleday shows "Full Wolf Moon," by Lincoln Child. (Doubleda via AP)

One-half of the writing team of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child delivers his latest novel featuring Jeremy Logan, a man who seems to attract paranormal phenomena wherever he goes. In “Full Wolf Moon,” Child uses cutting-edge science and the beautiful Adirondacks landscape to tell a quick and tense story.

Logan is known in certain circles as an “enigmalogist” due to his uncanny ability to find the truth behind what seems to be supernatural in origin. This time he’s not seeking a puzzle to solve, he just wants peace and quiet. He has a reservation for a cabin in an isolated area of the Adirondacks to work on a book he’s struggling to find time to write. He hopes the isolation and atmosphere will inspire him.

Then a dead hiker is found and it appears he was mauled by a bear. Residents become concerned that a rogue animal might be running around in the woods. Someone whom Logan knows but hasn’t seen in some time arrives to ask for his help in uncovering the truth.

Bite and claw marks are inconsistent with a bear, and since the hiker was killed during a full moon, some people are worried the killer is a werewolf. Logan reluctantly agrees to look into the matter and soon uncovers evidence that it indeed might be a werewolf. When the next full moon occurs, another person is attacked and killed in the same manner.

Some of the supporting characters in “Full Wolf Moon” aren’t as strong as they could be with a longer narrative, but every other element works and the novel is quite chilling.